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We do our best to fit the perfect solution to each client, and give them the best service and customer care.

You can reach Avionictech any time you feel the need to solve any problem, regarding you aircraft's needs, we have a team ready to assist you and achieve the main goal of customer satisfaction and quality of service, within your budget...

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You could be part of an elite group of well satisfied customers who rely on us to solve their problems.

Come and see for yourself by calling us or e-mailing us and feel the service and attention you deserve, we won't let you feel Disappointed and frustrated for not finding a good solution and a great service within the same provider...

Our global most respected providers include

This are the top 5 providers in the world, and we meet their standards, and we work close hand on hand to provide you with the best service and products.







Also we have many OEM partners for most of the parts that you will ever need.

Just naming a few of the 150 worldwide known manufacturers and providers.

  • 3M
  • Air BP
  • Artex
  • General Electric
  • Goodyear
  • Kelly Aerospace
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Michelin
  • Purolator